JUNE, 2021

28juntodo el día04agoOM NAMAH SHIVAYANORTHERN WAYFrom Irún to Santiago de Compostela

What and How?

This is a historical route that goes from Irun, on the border with France to Santiago de Compostela. It had a great heyday until the eighteenth century attracting numerous pilgrims coming by sea from different countries of Europe. Today it´s one of the most beautiful of the roads to Santiago. We will be walking so close to the sea through sections of the Cantabrian coast, without missing beautiful beaches and villages; the sea will not always be a constant of this way because there are sections that go inland, but it will always be a gift to find it at some stage of the route. It´s a road that runs through urbanized areas, such as the cities of San Sebastian and Bilbao, through landscapes - some of them even biosphere reserves - where valleys, forests and mountains follow one another in a spectacular way. We will enter Galicia through the beautiful estuary of Ribadeo, and from here to Santiago it is about 189 kms, where we will finish one of the roads that together with the primitive one is considered a World Heritage Site.



28 June (Monday) . 4 August (Wednesday)

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