Caminantes de Estrellas - Star Walkers

Non-profit Organization


We are one with the same purpose, to live on Earth in peace, love and consciousness.

Awaken in consciousness * To be conscious of who we are, our essence, and what is our purpose in life.

Promote our well-being * on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Connect with the unconditional love * what every being of this world is looking for, to love and to be loved.

Encourage our relationship with nature * sostenibilidad y profundo respeto con la naturaleza.

Encourage people and society * cooperación con las personas y la sociedad.

Reignite a child-like view * innocent and free of judgement.  


Pilgrimages * in natural spaces, towns and cities.

Space for reflecting on existential questions such as: * Who am I? What is the world? What is my purpose in this life?

Retreats * dive deep within our own Self.

Spiritual practices * such as meditation, yoga asanas, breathing, philosophy, study of the scriptures, silence, mantra recitation, devotional singing...

Activities related to a sustainable environment * creating green areas, regenerating ecosystems, collecting non-biodegradable waste, promoting and raising awareness about the benefits of organic farming and diet.

Artistic and creative activities, * reconnecting with our spontaneity, intuition and the unkown.

The creation of a network with like-minded projects, people and groups * compatible with our purposes and activities.


Qualified in Social Education. She is studying and practising the science of yoga as a way of life. She follows the "Gurukula" system in India, living in a spiritual community. She develops projects connecting the tools she learned in social education, environmental education and the science of yoga. Thus, she walks along with people assisting them in their personal development, emphasising the importance of living a harmonious life, in peace and contentment.

Creación y dirección del proyecto. Logística y ejecución de actividades en los peregrinajes

"Que los hijos de Amma se conviertan en mensajeros de paz y amor en la tierra"


Qualified in Social Education, she starts walking on the path of Yoga at an early age. During this discovery, she travels many times between Spain and India to meet different teachers. In 2015, she discovers her passion for Ashtanga Yoga, and thanks to that she can manifest her vocation: to guide people in their inner search.

Administration and secretary. Planning and executing activities during the pilgrimage.

"Yoga is the process of simplifying the mind"


She studied design and worked as an interior designer and graphic designer. She slowly moves away from computers to work with people through hippotherapy and music therapy. Her spiritual quest moulds her life leading her to focus on meditation, service, and on doing long journeys where she meets great beings and learns from them.

Diseño e imagen. Planificación y ejecución de actividades en los peregrinajes

"May all beings be happy, free, and live in peace"

"The only way to bring peace to the earth is to learn to make our own life peaceful."