"Bring happiness to as many people as possible"

Father José Kentenich




Caminantes de Estrellas wants to collaborate with this entity to help promote the eradication of homelessness and promote equal opportunities. Four Homeless Entrepeneurs (a homeless person within the Help program) will participate in the Jacobean Constellation 2021 walking with us. In addition, we will carry out activities on pilgrimages to raise awareness and give visibility to the homeless colectivity.

Homeless Entrepreneur's mission is to promote economic empowerment and poverty reduction through work and active citizenship, so that people living in social exclusion can improve their quality of life.To this end, they have developed the HELP program as a pathway to support independence, encouraging employment opportunities and business activities. They are turning, in times of covid, inactive tourist hostels in homes with the housing program #HomelessHostelsWork. They have created a telephone helpline, connecting homeless or people at risk, with the available resources to prevent and reduce homelessness; the Homeless Voices program with which using photos and short clips, homeless entrepreneurs can introduce themselves to the world. You can visit their website* to learn in detail about their work and how they are helping to improve the lives of many people.

Collaborate to make it possible! 

"Neither housing nor work ends homelessness on their own. Active citizen participation does."

Andrew Funk, presidente de #homeless entrepreneur


Alex Hohmann and La Bici is Bella - " the bike is beautiful" pedal for solidarity and social justice. 1500km for Clowns in Rebellion, 1500km for Stop Mare Mortum, 1700km for Open Arms. This community of cycle travelers uses their bicycle trips to support and raise awareness of various organizations.Through donations, they convert the kilometers traveled into euros for social causes..

We want to collaborate with his latest community challenge Bicicletas Sin Fronteras*- "Bicycles without borders" promoting education, development and integration of the most disadvantaged. La Bici es Bella is promoting this community challenge with the idea of riding more than 10,000 kilometers between several people to transform them into 10,000 euros and thus be able to provide bicycles to the students of the Loul Sessene School,in Senegal.Star Walkers will travel a total of 1,293 kms along the three chosen routes of the Camino de Santiago.  We'd love to raise €1,293 for this cause.

Bicicletas Sin Fronteras is an organization that works to improve the quality of life of people who are in less-favored situations using the bicycle as a tool of integration and equal opportunitiesUnder the slogan: "We don't give bikes, we change lives" they want to combat school absenteeismas well as bring more happiness, more future and more opportunities to the children who receive the bikes. They also benefit from getting more time to study, play and grow. We believe and are partakers of alchemy that transforms small actions into great opportunities.

If you want to know how you can collaborate and be part of this dream click here*

Let's join forces!

Abrazo cultural - "Cultural Embrace"

They are a non-profit organization that promotes interculturality. They encourage the inclusive encounter between people, through learning and social empowerment. They bring together cultures from around the world through the vision of the refugees and immigrants who share their knowledge and talents by teaching language courses, interculturalism and cultural workshops (dance, music, poetry, gastronomy and crafts) from different countries.

Abrazo cultural - "Cultural Embrace" will offer a workshop on interculturality so that all Star Walkers can get to know their project by learning a new skill, discovering a new culture and supporting refugees' cause while exchanging experiences with them and people with the same values.

The project was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 2014, and they started their mission in Spain in October 2017 to break down prejudices and stereotypes: changing the narrative regarding refugees and immigrants and building an building an education based on empathy and interculturality. Egypt, Mali, Syria, Honduras, Palestine, Ukraine, Venezuela... are some of the countries of origin of their teachers; and from there they bring their talents, new cultures and visions to share transforming experiences with whoever feels interest and curiosity of this different, new and unknown places.

Get to know all their courses, workshops and teachers by visiting www.abrazocultural.com*

Let's embrace multiculturalism!


It is an environmental, social and sustainable rural development project.Its mission is biodiversity conservation, environmental protection and education to raise awareness. They support young entrepreneurs in rural areas and promote social inclusion with the collaboration of ATADI (Turolense Grouping of Associations of People with Intellectual Disabilities).

Caminantes de Estrellas collaborates with them, excited by this initiative that offers comprehensive solutions to territorial, environmental and social problems.


In the village of Oliete, province of Teruel, where everyone saw old and unproductive olive treesthey saw the engine of well-being and economic development that their population needed to survive. Thus emerges apadrinaunolivo.org- "Sponsor an Olive Tree" , a platform that recovers and values the more than 100,000 abandoned olive trees, thanks to the solidarity of the society, in turn generating a sustainable economy with social tones in a rural area in the way of disappearing. Enter its website to know its beautiful work.


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The goal of Nikarit, the natural cosmetics social enterprise is to empower women by promoting fair and sustainable trade of pure Shea butter. All their products are produced by five women's cooperatives in Nikki (Benin, África) and they invest 100% of their profits into projects for OAN International NGO..

We are joining forces with them to make a new economy possible, to raise awareness of this wonderful product, with which they are developing such beautiful and necessary projects.


They develop projects such as: the installation of 150 water pumps supplying more than 80,000 neighbours in Nikki, 30 workers being trained and repairing them; more than 20 water purification biofilters installed with local materials and by local professionals; hand-woven bags to finance the Be sè Gonrou (Our Voices) project against gender violence and forced marriage; the Huertas project, collaborating with farmers' cooperatives and contributing to the food safety of the population; the project awarded by the Salvador Soler Foundation «Emancipation des Femmes» seeking the autonomy of women by creating microcredits and a solidarity group;"Né a Nikki"in collaboration with hospitals to train and bring awareness regarding pre- and post-natal important aspects; solar technology studies for the disinfection of surgical material... Learn more about their history and products at:


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