Caminantes De Estrellas


                                                                                                              “When nothing is expected, everything is possible” Mooji 

Every expectation is a desire to obtain a result, with the illusion whether that result in itself will make us happier, however, it´s in this same expec- tation that our possible suffering is hidden by not obtaining what we want. It is that illusion, that expectation which generates a disappointment in us. But whoever is free from expectations, please raise your hand. We´ve been educated since childhood to live in a continuous expectation, ours and that of others, and despite reaping disappointment after disappointment, we continue to expect, to desire... until the light of a new understan- ding illuminates our lives, and the idea of no expectation takes shape, gets mature followed by a true surrender to this new perspective. 

This project is a perfect way to live in a continuous surrender to that new perspective, to this present moment, to whatever life may bring to us, with no expectations, with joy and the certainty that whatever the result may be, this will be the best for all those involved in the process. By living from no expectation we´re open to life´s surprises, whether or not we see our goal fulfilled, we just allow ourselves to enjoy what is presented to us at every moment, empty of intention but with full acceptance of what has been achieved. 

But it doesn´t imply a non-action, on the contrary perhaps the action is made correct because there´s no expecta- tion and it´s no longer limited by the desires of a small and contracted ego, rather what Consciousness wants to manifest is manifested.  

All of us who are involved in this project give faith of action; back pain, countless hours in front of a screen, calls and video calls several times a day, meetings, preparation, fears, doubts and we´ve not yet started the Camino. Immersed in a continuous dance of effort, surrender and acceptance, we are aware that the result is not in our hands, it´s never been. We have the feeling that ultimately we are just an instrument used by something greater and this discovery makes us humble and fills us with rapture, allowing that dance of continuous surrender to be danced at ease and almost mischievously we may say, that if God laughs at our plans (expectations) we laugh with Him too.  

How do you live your life?  

Have you tried to give up your expectations, to live with no plans, no goals, and see with amazement that even so everything continues to happen, that life keeps playing? 

And in that playing, who are you? The one who lives a life, or are you Life, the Universe, God ... living through you? 

Perhaps in the surrender of the expectations a deeper realization hides ...