Caminantes De Estrellas


A pilgrimage... to leave behind what we know, our comfort zone and move with the only certainty that walking will make a deep change in us. Every pilgrimage begins with a longing for movement, that longing gives way to a continous surrender and as we walk we empty ourselves. Who we were or thought we were is just left behind and in that emptying an unexpected transformation takes place. Wether the reasons are religious, sacred, adventurous or just for the sake of traveling.... magic will work its mysterious power and once the arising fears and difficulties at the beginning of every pilgrimage have been overcome, we may discover ourselves by our own or with some company in diferent situations, new scenarios that will enrich us and a new wisdom will be offered, a one more practical as it is based on our own daily experience along the pilgrimage.  

This summer we are going on a pilgrimage and we have decided to do it in a big way, we´ll walk together three ways and what a better way to do it that to walk on the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage par excellence, a mystical, transformative and initiatic way. Each path is planned with love, with heart, so that the walkers and the team feel like real pilgrims in spirit and in action, open to that transformation that pilgrimage may grant on us, to that expansion of walking just for the sake of doing it. Whatever of the three paths is chosen, the experience will be unique, rich, fun, instructive. Yes we are going on a pilgrimage, but also to a celebration, a celebration of life while we walk day after day with the heart full of joy, hard times will come but definitely full of wisdom, there will be moments of all kinds, but what a better way to do it that in the company of others beings like you, perhaps a little bit crazy but willing enough to leave the known behind and embrace the unknown, to overcome our fears, to grow and enjoy with no measure, in short, to fully love our Self. quizás un poco locos pero dispuestos a dejar atrás lo conocido y abrazar aquello que desconocemos, a vencer nuestros miedos, a crecer y disfrutar sin medida, en definitiva, a amar(se) en el peregrinar.  

The pilgrimage itself begun long before leaving home, for the beings involved in this project, for the future participants - walkers, the Camino is already being walked. By the time the idea takes shape in our minds, the pilgrimage has already begun, and life´s constants winks are given to confirm that we are doing well. The idea gains strength, the preparation makes it real and although we are still at home preparing and finalizing this beautiful project, I can tell you with absolute certainty that the pilgrimage has already started, that we are already on the road to Santiago. Buen Camino peregrino, have a good way pilgrim. peregrin@.