Caminantes De Estrellas


This project is born from a mind in communion with the totality, that feels the impulse to serve others, to do good. That energy of doing good works as a magnet, attracting other minds, other beings who vibrate in the same field of action, where that single idea becomes a reality, and while the project keeps expanding, like-minded beings are added. Love makes an expansion without limits possible and in that widening more and more people is reached, who vibrate and resonate with the desire and the wanting to do good.  

And as the days go by and the Caminantes project gets older, we see our first intentions remain the same, we keep adding and the team and collaborators are growing in number, always being attentive not to lose the first impulse and not letting the ego take over this project, we surren- der ourselves to Life, to that Love that leads us. For a surrender to be correct, the attitude must be also correct, but what attitude? To define it, it´s necessary to make use of two terms that have their origin in India, karma yoga and seva. 

What is karma yoga? What is seva? Making these terms simple and not expanding much the definitions, it can be said that karma yoga is the integration or harmony in actions and that seva is serving and helping others with compassion. Within Caminantes we are clear that this project is not for us or for our only benefit, on the contrary, this project is to be given, to be shared, so that benefit reaches many, for this reason we use the necessary means available to reach as many beings as possible this message of Love and Compassion. Having this goal in mind our actions are harmonized and by doing so a flow that seems magical is allowed, becoming itself universal, free of egoism whereas the mind works at the service of action - karma yoga. The service to others takes different forms, in a joint action plan with Life, so this project becomes an offering, a blessing that allows the uplifting and blessing of all beings - seva.  

Karma yoga and seva can be combined in order to change the panorama of our lives, from Star Walkers an invitation is offered to participate and become one with this beautiful project, in any way possible. There is neither more nor less when that genuine desire to do good arises. On our website you may find a variety of wonderful options prepared with so much care and dedication so that you have the chance to participate and collaborate. But when the wanting to do good is present, the actions would turn infinite. We encourage you to allow yourself to be part of this beautiful project, become a volunteer, join this wave of Love that will travel through the Iberian Peninsula, unite in your life karma yoga and seva, in short, to harmonize the action born from the Heart with the wanting to do good.  

Do you dare to join us and beat like one heart?

                                                             Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu 

                              “may all beings, everywhere, be free and happy”.