"To walk is the best medicine for man"


Walking will be what will mark our routine during the pilgrimages. An average of 6 hours per day within a daytime. This is a rhythm that we wil get gradually and that any healthy person of any age can carry easily and without forcing.

These are the three daily dynamics/routines we will follow during the pilgrimages, always adapting them to the group pace, or the weather and to any unexpected events, challenges or surprises that the Camino may present.


  6.30 ·   Snacks

    7-9 ·   Walking

  9-10 ·   Yoga/Meditation

 10-11.   Breakfast/Rest

11-14 ·   Walking

     14 ·   End of stage

14-17 ·   Eat/rest

17-19 ·   Activities*

19-20 ·   Music and singing

     20 ·   Dinner/Rest


  6.30 ·   Snacks

    7-9 ·   Walking

  9-10 ·   Yoga/Meditation

10-11 ·   Breakfast/Rest

11-14 ·   Walking

14-15 ·   Eat/Rest

15-17 ·   Walking

     17 ·   End of stage

17-19 ·   Individual time

19-20 ·   Music and singing

     20 ·   Dinner/Rest


  6.30 ·   Yoga/Meditation

  7.30 ·   Snacks

    8-9 ·   Walking

  9-10·    Breakfast/Rest

10-13 ·   Walking

13-15 ·   Eat/Rest

15-17 ·   Activities*

17-18 ·   Music and singing

18-19 ·   Walking

     19 ·   Endof stage

     20 ·   Dinner/Rest


* Regular activities that will be dedicated to the environment, a la spirituality  and creativity.

* Exceptional activities guided by the different guests who will come to pilgrimage some stages with us. Workshops, concerts, documentary screenings, talks …

* Specific activities that will be developed thanks to the interaction with groups and local projects.

* As we wake up, we will spend a few minutes cultivating thoughts of gratitude.

* Optional: to participate in the morning archana. Every morning (5:30 - 6:30) we´ll chant the 1000 mantras in sanskrit of Lallitha Devi.

* We will try to cultivate silence until breakfast time.

* Some days simple walking practices related with the three pilars (enviroment, spirituality, creativity)

* The possibility of walking some stage individually will be offered to intensify introspection and spaces of reflection.

* There will be longer stages and other shorter ones depending on the availability of shelters along the way; so some days we may strive a bit more and walk longer and sometimes less, taking advantage of this to recharge energy and not overload the body.

* We will start some stages before the sun rises , days like the full moon,when walking at night is something very special caminar de noche es algo muy especial .

* We will make short stops during walks; breaks that should not be too long but long enough to relieve tiredness and tension in the legs. These times are ideal to drink and eat something in small quantities to regain strength.

* Our recommendation is to walk with a travel insurance since in case of injury or illness it will greatly facilitate the management of the incidence and will be economically more profitable. If it´s decided not to do so, as we mentioned in registration, the participant must sign a document taking full responsibility.

* In the event that any of the walkers need a day of rest or recovery, there is the possibility of taking a bus and wait for the rest of the team at the hostel at the end of that day stage.

* The company pilgrim's credential is essential to spend the night in public hostels and in some private ones. It can be obtained at the hostel where we will meet the first day. We will provide information on how to get it if you join later.

If you have any question, contact us! Dates will be defined with collaborators and activities soon, in the section of IN MOTION you will find all the updates and news on the calendar.